Näätämö area is the gateway to two vast wilderness areas: Kaldoaivi and Vätsäri. Both wilderness areas have their specific features and attractions and both offer a vast variety of short and long hikes, from easy day hikes to extremely demanding hikes lasting up to several weeks.

Here you can find information about some of the most interesting trails in the area, but by exploring maps and referring to other hikers you may find dozens of other options for your hike. We at Näätämö Gateway will also be happy to help you plan your trip.

While you are enjoying the wild, we will look after your car and your personal belongings (such as keys and wallets etc), should you wish so. If you need help picking up your car from your hike’s starting point or other logistic support before or after your hike, we are here for you!

Recommended hikes (detailed information about hikes to follow soon! Contact us for details):

Nuorttijoki scenic trail along the riverside (3km easy day hike close to the Näätämö Gateway hotel, suited for children from 6 years)
Jänispää trail (35km intrermediate loop trail)
Joulutunturi hill trail (7km intermediate day hike)
Palovaara arctic hill plateau (3km intermediate day hike)


Do not rely on cell phones: service may be non-existent or un-reliable
Keep hydrated – water in rivers and streams is generally safe to drink without filtering, but avoid taking drinking water from small lakes and ponds.
Wildlife: do not disturb the wildlife. If you see a herd of reindeer, do not disturb them but try to move on without much disturbance to the animals. Bears in the wilderness are plenty, but rarely seen and pose no threat to humans.
Weather in the arctic can be extremely unpredictable and can change rapidly. Be prepared to take shelter and always carry a change set of clothes. Also make sure to have warm clothing even during the summer months, as snow can fall even during summer.

Wilderness rules

In the wilderness areas you are allowed to:

Recommended equipment for an over-night hike